Process Piping

Implementing your process

Jane Candy
"Lead Coder"
Our teams of pipefitters work to the layout drawings and diagrams produced by our engineering department or furnished directly by our customers. We take into account all the particularities of your process: need for inerted welds, foodsafe qualifications, or cleaning in place. Our pipefitters are trained in the installation of all process equipment such as pumps, instrumentation and valves. We can also work on powder process equipment for the installation of pneumatic transfer systems. Pipefitting completes our offering as a boilermaker.
Utility Pipes

Connecting your equipment

Jane Candy
"Lead Coder"
Our pipefitters install fluid distribution systems carrying hot water, cold water, air, gas or steam. They define the most appropriate routes according to the plant environment, while complying with the standards for the type of fluid distributed. Installing the necessary primary and secondary pipe supports is another facet of their expertise. We provide qualified personnel holding the necessary licences for carrying out your project. We can also assist you in pressure testing or regulatory tests and in starting up your equipment.
Skids and prefabrication

Skid manufacture in our factory

Jane Candy
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Our factory manufactures skids to the drawings provided by you or as designed by our engineering department.

  • Hot water or steam production skids
  • Startup stations (tanks + pumps)
  • Heat Treatment skid
  • Overpressure protection skid
  • Pump station
  • Compressed air skid
  • Manifold

We work with electrics and automation companies who take care of the electrical wiring in our factory. This enables you to carry out tests, including acceptance prior to delivery.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Fast response close at hand

Jane Candy
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We can provide emergency maintenance by our teams of welders and pipefitters at short notice. Our operators will bring the appropriate tools and if necessary, components that have been prepared in our factory or are available in our equipment stock.
We can also offer our expertise in the event of hydraulic, pneumatic or thermal malfunctions. We fit our maintenance operations around your production schedule by working for short periods, scheduled during your planned downtimes or outside of your shifts.
Environmental Quality and Safety

Global Quality Approach

Jane Candy
"Lead Coder"
For your piping projects, Métal Performances provides the technical, material and human resources that meet the quality requirements of the most technical processes. We issue you with our maintenance reports, welding data packages, materials traceability certificates and pressure test reports where applicable. Safety is always a priority for us. We therefore undertake to follow the rules specific to each company. We place great importance on reducing our energy consumption, including welding and shielding gas, as well as the production of waste at our worksites.